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No-Kill Animal Shelter Opened Thanks to Volunteers and the City of Collinsville!
For many years, animals that were caught by Collinsville Animal Control were brought to the cinder-block shed you see below.  This was the Collinsville Animal Shelter prior to January, 2008.   Inside the shed there were no windows, only cages.  The only light came from gaps in make-shift metal sheeting and blue tarps that covered the "outside" parts of the cages.  Animals were given 3-5 days before being euthanized and, since most people did not even know about this shed, adoptions were rare.  With so few cages available, most animals did not have a chance.
In August, 2004, a group of concerned Collinsville residents formed the Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter (F.O.C.A.S).  Their objective was to build the first and only no-kill animal shelter to replace what you see above, lobby for the implementation and enforcement of animal care ordinances, and give our animals a chance to find a loving home. 
By August of 2005, FOCAS had been given land by the City of Collinsville to build the shelter and by June, 2006, the foundation was being poured.  The shell of the building was finished in June, 2007 and by January, 2008 the Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven opened its doors for the first time.  Since opening, we have remained full, but have adopted out over 750 animals (as of 11/15) while maintaining a strict spay/neuter policy.  80% of our staff are volunteers and we are still funded 100% by donations and adoption fees (mostly donations).
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Old cinderblock animal quarantine building.

Local No-Kill Animal Shelter Stripped of Huge Donation

In 2013, WWAH received a check for $180,000 from a Trust.  Needless to say, we were excited at the much-needed funding (our accounts were almost empty).  Days later, we were told by the Trust's law firm that there had been a mistake.  The funds were supposed to go to a shelter in Collinsville, Illinois.  Fortunately, after returning the donation to its rightful owners, the community banded together and provided donations to keep the shelter running!  You can read more below:
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