Adopt Today!
Did you find a perfect friend on our website?  Follow the steps below to take a lovable dog or cuddly cat home!
Contact the shelter and let them know your animal of choice OR stop by our shelter!
15628 N. 129th E. Ave, Collinsville, OK 74021
Meet your animal.  We have a big back yard at the shelter so you and your new friend can romp and play!
Fill out an    Online Adoption Application  or Print an Application and Mail it in!
If your new pet is not SPAYED/NEUTERED, YOUR NEW PET WILL NEED TO VISIT EASTSIDE VET CLINIC TO BE SPAYED/NEUTERED BEFORE LEAVING OUR SHELTER!  Spaying/Neutering at Eastside Vet Clinic is included in the adoption fee.  Puppies and kittens must be spayed/neutered as soon as they are old enough. You will be required to sign the surgery form and provide proof of the surgery to your puppy or kitten. Failure to spay/neuter your new puppy or kitten will result in repossession of the animal by WWAH and you will lose your refund. We are not trying to sound mean, but we are required to control the pet population as best we can!
Call or visit us to find out our current adoption rates!  We often have special prices for long-term residents!  This pays for care while they were at the shelter, shots, staff fees, and alteration fees (if necessary).   Your check or cash will be held until the adoption is approved. We also accept credit cards!  If, for some reason, the animal cannot be adopted, you will receive a full refund.
Whether your pet needs altered or not, there is a 24 hour waiting period for all adoptions.  This allows one of our volunteer staff to review your application and to visit with you (in your home if possible) and see where the animal will be staying.  This may seem like an inconvenience, but it is truly in the your and the animal's best interest!  We take pride in caring for our animals and want them to have a great life when they leave us!
That's it!  Take your new friend home and have fun!  And please tell your friends about our shelter!  There are other great pets that need homes!